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New Row in Google Sheet to update multiple contacts in CRM/Email Apps

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I have a unique situation where I have multiple (measured in 10’s to 100’s) of users that need to update multiple destinations with new data. This data is gathered ad hoc and can land in a Google Sheet when collected. I need to get that data OUT of the Google Sheet and INTO several software applications for each individual.



User A & User B have new contacts. They enter the details into Google Sheet (source). This Source data needs to be added to:

CRM (Zapier enabled)

Email Marketing Company (Zapier enabled)

Ad Target Lists (Zapier enabled)


and assigned to the relevant user.


I can add a column in Google sheets to pass a variable (username, etc) to key against. My thought is that Zapier would parse each new spreadsheet row, identify the user, and run a zap built FOR THAT USER that has all of the downstream API, Login, etc info. 


Is this a thing? 


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Hi @kennethjamaca 

Yes, that’s the power of dynamically mapping data points between Zap steps.

Please reference this article about Zap action steps:

FYI: App APIs can be used via Webhook action steps in Zaps:

FANTASTIC! Follow up question… who can I hire to set this up for me? :grin::sunglasses:

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Check out Zapier Experts:

TIP: Put together documented project requirements (e.g. in a GDoc) that can be shared for review by whomever you are trying to hire for the job.



So, the best answer to my question was answered directly by a Zapier Expert (David Mercer from Mercology). He informed me of the Zapier Filter Action. This allows me to filter out the primary key (email address) and run a distinct zap for each user. Filter saved my sanity.