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New Row in Google Sheet creates folders and templates?

  • 31 August 2022
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I am trying to do the following order of operations, is this possible? 

New Row in Sheet triggers creation of folder and subfolders named after the identified cell

New folder triggers creation of mutliple different templates named after the cell



New row added: 

Week 4008 20220829 20220830 20220831 20220901 20220902 20220905


Creates Week 4008 folder that contains subfolder 20220829; 20220830…

5 different templates go into subfolders named 20220829TEMPLATE NAME 1; 20220829 TEMPLATE NAME 2 etc. 



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Hi @cdc 

Good question.

Yes, that’s possible.


Zap apps available triggers/actions…




Help article about how to map dynamic variables between Zap steps:

Ok, I can get the folders to appear in the manner that I want. But I can’t get the documents to appear within the folders. Is there anywhere I can see a Zap example so I know I am setting it up correctly? 


Currently I have a multipstep

add the row triggers: 

add weekly folder

add daily folder

copy excel spreadsheet into daily folder

find google doc by name

copy google doc into daily folder (these don’t even appear at all)

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Please post detailed screenshots with how your Zap steps are configured in order for us to have context, thanks.


You can see I tried finding the doc and copying the doc into the folder, as well as creating doc from tempate and inserting into folder. Neither works. The document doesn’t appear anywhere. 


I figured I would start with just the Monday folder and if I can get that working it’s just a repeat the steps for the following days. 

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Remove the static “root” in all the applicable steps.


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@cdc Just checking in here! Were you able to try Troy’s suggestion for removing “root” from the folder field for each of those steps to see if that helps get things in the right places? Let us know!

apologies for the delay. Yes, that worked. Such a silly error. Thank you so much!