New Order in ShipStation to Activate a Flow Event in Klaviyo

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I am attempting to set up a Zap that will fire off my new order email flow in Klaviyo whenever a new order is added to Shipstation.  Which I thought would be pretty straight forward. 

I got the integrations all set up in Zapier but now I am lost, as the actions possible in the Klaviyo menu were not what I was expecting to see. 

The first red arrow is where I am getting thrown off - I expected an action value in the drop down of activate a flow or send an email.



However, this is all that is available to me in the drop down. Neither of which make sense in this case for what I want to do. So maybe custom? If so, what goes in there?



The second question is Event ID:   I created a uniqueID that would not already be used on Klaviyo and would make sense if I saw it - do I need to do something in Klaviyo with that now to tie it to something?


Thanks for any help anyone can offer here. 





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Hi @ayoung72 

Check out this Klaviyo article about Flows:

You’ll have to configure the Flows in Klaviyo and designate their trigger event, then configure Zaps to fire that trigger in Klaviyo via the available Zap app options.

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Hey Troy!


Thank you so much for your reply! I appreciate that - I actually figured out all the Klaviyo stuff prior to this and the flow is running and firing when someone from shopify (the current integrated app places an order).  The flow is below: 

However that trigger is not available to choose as an action nor is the flow (yes, I have paired my klaviyo API permissions with Zapier)  I have customers who order via Amazon and Etsy and I’d like to send them the same thank you note, so pairing it with ship station where all my marketplace orders go makes sense in my head. 


Any other thoughts if I had already done the first part of your recommendation?  Regarding configuring the zaps part? 

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As an alternative, why not clone the Flow and configure a different Flow Trigger than can be sent from the Zap?

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Thanks Troy - unfortunately - the triggers available would also fire off other flows if I artificially log them as events, in addition to the thank you flow I want to send.   Like active on site after not on site for 30 days. and browse abandonment.  I figured out a work around though I think _  Iam just waiting for some flows to fire off to test. I think I can do it without zapier potentially. 

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Hey @ayoung72, I hope you’re doing well, I just wanted to check in here!

Were you able to get things working, or can we still help here?

If you found a good workaround solution, feel free to share what worked for you. We always love hearing about these solutions! :)