"New or Updated Spreadsheet Row" only triggers 50% of the time

  • 26 January 2022
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it seems like I don’t understand quite correctly the nuances of the “1. New or Updated Spreadsheet Row in Google Sheets” trigger.

It seems like the it gets triggered only 50% of the time (not referring to the time it takes to trigger, but simply it does not get triggered at all).

Here’s what I’m looking to do :

  1. When col D gets set to “En Route”, apply timestamp on col E
  2. When col E gets set to “Arrived”, apply timestamp on col F


i have a path following the trigger : 


The trigger is set to a specific column, which is Status in this case.

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4 replies

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Hi @djudes 

Have you checked your Zap Runs to help troubleshoot if the Zap is triggering and if the Zap is being filtered or if there are errors/issues?


“New or Updated Spreadsheet Row” trigger behavior

If you’re using the New or Updated Spreadsheet Row trigger and choose Any column to monitor, any change to a row will trigger your Zap. If you select a specific column, then the Zap will only trigger when there are changes on that column.


Zaps using New or Updated Spreadsheet Row will also trigger for any new rows in the spreadsheet, even if the specified column is blank. To avoid triggering in those cases, add a Filter step to your Zap.


The "Updated Spreadsheet Row" trigger stopped triggering

If you're watching for changes to a column, we only see new values in that column. If you update the column of an existing row to a value that Zapier previously saw in that column, in that row, we won't see the new value. You will need to either choose a column that will only have unique values, or make a new one which will.

For example, if you had X in the Trigger column, then changed it to Y, the Zap would trigger. If you then changed it back to X it would not trigger again, because the Zap has already seen X in that column.

Yeah, it does not trigger at all. My history looks like this : 


Referring to this here : The "Updated Spreadsheet Row" trigger stopped triggering

If my cell goes from Blank to En-Route to Arrived, I am not sure why some times it would trigger just for one of those two instances or non or both.

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Try removing all the Zap Run filters to make sure you are looking at all the data:


Alternative is to use Airtable:

Airtable has Views.

Views have Filters.

Views can be used to trigger Zaps.

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@djudes I would second @Troy Tessalone’s recommendation of using Airtable and their “view” functionality. It makes things a lot easier when it comes to status changes triggering updates to your Zap(s) or even other areas of your table! 

Here is some additional info into this functionality if you’re interested!