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New or Updated Rows in Google Sheet to Update Airtable

  • 3 July 2021
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Hello Everyone, So basically I have a Google Sheets Document that is shared with our recruiting department (they love GSheets for some reason), and they are continually updating as they are resourcing and hiring candidates for various projects.

What I am trying to do is have a similar Table in Airtable to mimic or mirror the data from that GSheet, and also as new rows are created it creates a new row in Airtable. I feel like this should be fairly simple, but I can only get it to add lines as new rows are created in GSheets, and not monitor and update existing rows.

Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Regards: Diksha


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Hi @saleenajohn,

Thanks for the question!

You would definitely be able to do that with Zapier, try a Zap using the following:


Trigger - New or Updated Row in Google Sheet with a trigger column of your choice (only updates to that column will trigger the Zap)

Filter - filter condition for a trigger column of your choice

Action - Find or Create Record in Airtable

Action - Updated Record in Airtable (map ID of found or created record) 


The New or Updated Row trigger will trigger for all new rows and updates to the trigger column. If no trigger column is selected, then all updates will trigger the Zap. Read more:

The Filter would be an optional step so that you could control which new rows pass to the action step. You could remove the filter step if you don’t need that. Read more about Filters here:

Hope this helps!