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New Google Ads Lead Form Entry - missing data

  • 23 August 2021
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The data sent from Google Ads
Data received on Zapier 


As recommended in an email from Zapier, I’m trying to change from Google Lead Form Extension to the new Google Ads Lead Form Entry option, but the new integration does not receive data from important fields that I have in my Lead Form, like “COSTUMER_TYPE” and “EXISTING_COSTUMER”. I’m trying to send new test data from Google Ads but it doesn’t work, it only shows up in Zap history but not in the “Test Trigger” part. Has anyone been through the same problem? How can I solve it? Thank you



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Hi @Origo 

Try changing the trigger test data example being used to configure the Zap after submitting some real tests:

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hi @Origo did you resolve this i’m having the same issue were it only accepts a test lead with default fields anyone know a solution

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Hey @cbarker,

If the sample lead doesn’t have the correct fields for your form, you may need to try loading in a new test sample as Troy mentioned. You can find out more about how to do that here: The sample lead in my Zap doesn't have the custom fields from my form

Hope that helps! :) 

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thanks for the response it doesn’t seem able to load any more test entries, I’ve tried creating a new zap, sent new tests from adwords and it always loads the same test. I’ve raised a support ticket so will post solution if i get one



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Solution was to use custom pills such as {{134418512__first_name}}
as the test data is fixed,

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Following up here for anyone running into a similar issue. I wanted to share some more details on how to use the “custom pills” that cbarker mentioned.

The following article explains how to manually select missing fields: