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New Folder Creation in ShareFile and Object already exists error


I have a zap that is designed to create new folders in ShareFile by Citrix. The trigger is set so that whenever we export client data from one platform to the next, a new folder is created in our systems for document retention. The difficulty is that we want each folder that is created to be unique and named for the client. A series of subfolders are also set to be created in this folder. Right now, the zap seems locked on creating the same folder over and over again. It is not capturing the client information from the other platform and is attempting to create a folder with the same name each time the zap is triggered. The error received is a 409 (conflict - object already exists). When the folder already exists, all future attempts to use the sequence fail. I have created a stop gap measure where I go into filing structure and clean out the created folder then delete it from our systems. However, since I am part time, I am unable to babysit the folder for periods of time. Any ideas on what I can do to change how the Folder is created to alleviate the 409 issue?



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Hi @Griswold! Could you possibly share a screenshot of the ‘Customize’ part of the ShareFile step? That’s the part where you add the details of the folder that you want to add. If we can see how the step is set up we should have a better idea of what’s happening in the Zap. 


Don’t forget to obscure any personal/private info that’s in the step!


Thanks for following up!

Attached is the screen capture. Ideally I would think that the Client Name (whited out) would change between running of each Zap, however, it is not. Let’s say that the Client Name was Danvers Zapier, every folder that it tries to create would be titled Danvers Zapier. Once the Danvers client file exists, the sequence would not run properly because a Danvers folder already exists. Let me know if you need different screen captures.

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That dropdown is just showing you what the file would be named based on the piece of sample data pulled in from the trigger - it’s a visual aid to help you map all the fields in the places you want them.

When you set that zap to run live, you’ll find the filename will change per each client the zap triggers on.

Give it a go and let us know if you have issues.