New Contact in Constant Contact trigger - filter by list

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Hi, good afternoon, i have a question i would like to know how to select a list from constant contact on the Trigger action. 

we have different websites running campaings, each website has a CC form. Each Form belong to a list on Constant Contact.

how can i choose the list from constant contact to import it on Podio
(i need to import the Lead data on the correct workspace on podio,  the Zapier test selects a contact from CC from a random list, not the one i need) 

what we need is that when someone sends its information trhu the form, our trigger must detect the list from where the contact is coming, that way we can send it to the correct workspace on Podio, 


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Hi @Plumbline 

Try adding a Filter as Step 2 in the Zap:


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i used a 2 step path instead and it seems like it might work,
(A - only continue if list id matches one of my lists,
B - select the list on CC from a drop down)   

but now i have another issue,

leads from Website forms are being received on constant contact lists but they’re not appearing on tests nor printed on podio) 


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list id match error on path setup: 

The app returned "Invalid value "id: 1869007527\nstatus: ACTIVE1869007527" (string): Not a valid option".