New case -> slack message with one condition

  • 17 December 2020
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I have a zap that sends an auto-message to Slack when a new Case is registered. For this zap, I want to add a process so that it only sends only when the condition is matched. 


1.New Record in Salesforce
  Object: Case

2. Find Record in Salesforce (this is for convenience for process 4)
  Object: Account
  Find To Search: by Account ID
  Search value: Account ID
 3. Find Record in Salesforce (this is for convenience for process 4)
  Object: User
  Find To Search: by User ID
  Search value: Owener ID

4. Send Channel Message in Slack
…showing a new case is created and the case is associated to the Account.

Between 1 and 2 (or 3 and 4 maybe?)  , I want to set the condition so that it will look into Account with a certain field is “A”. In Account, we have a field with API name of A_B__c. I want to send it to a Slack channel called # voice A.

In the same manner, If the case belongs B group, I want to send it to a Slack channel called #voice B.


I tried Find Record by Query in Salesforce using the following set up action.
Salesforce Object: Account
WHERE Clause: A_B__c=’A’

In that trigger, test was succesful (it brought a sample of A group)


However when I tested the whole thing, it did not come out how I expected.. (duplication of message, brought different Account name...etc) Without the Action, Send Channel Message in Slack works correctly.


Can anyone give me advice for me please?

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3 replies

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Help article about Salesforce QUERY:


Help article about Salesforce Search in Zap:


How search actions work

Salesforce search actions return the most recently created record that meets the search criteria, even if there are multiple records that match.

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Thanks @Troy Tessalone I will learn from those sites you shared.

As long as I set WHERE clause correctly in my zap, when a new record is found (process 1), I get a slack message (process 4) only when the condition is maches as specified in the WHERE clause. Correct?

Funny (maybe too basic?), but no website I can find where it explain what Using the Find Object by Query Search does..

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Just checking in to see if you still need help with this?