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Need weight Lead Distribution

  • 17 September 2020
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Hi there,


I'm collecting 1750 facebook potencial clients every day (lead) through FB Form.


Right now, I'm downloading them manually through the FB platform, and then sending them also manually to my 60 sales agents. After that, they contact the leads through Whatsapp. As its manually, I send the leads twice a day, therefore I'm losing a lot of time between the client register and we contact them. I want to reach the customers at the moment they register.


Thereby I need a CRM or platform who can send the leads to each agent (I have 60!) at the moment the leads arrive. For example, first lead to agent 1, second lead to agent 2, and son on.

And besides that, and very important, I need weights distribution because I need to send more leads to the agents who sells more (want to optimize my sales!). For example, if I have 90 leads, the first 60 leads are distributed evenly to my 60 agents, but the rest 30 leads I have, I want to distribute them to my best sellers automatically. Like having a ranking of agents and then distribute the leads by the ranking. 


I = Lead

Agent 1 (Best one): I I I I

Agent 2: I I I I

Agent 3: I I I

Agent 4: I I I

Agent 5: I I

Agent 6: I

Agent 7 (worst): I


Is Zapier able to do that?



Thank you!


Best answer by Troy Tessalone 17 September 2020, 17:15

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Zapier can be used to connect FB Lead Ads to a CRM.

Depending on the CRM, it may have the capability of doing round robin assignment to agents OR weighted distribution based on rules.

Otherwise, a more advanced solutions using custom Code or a GSheet formula could be used to do the weighted distribution.

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Hi Troy,


GSheet formula sounds interesting.. yet GSheet doesnt send leads. It would be only possible to assign the leads but after that I would have to distribute manually to all my sales agents.


Weighted automatic distribution is what I need… very weird nobody has it because every sales company assign more leads to the best sellers.



Best regards,


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Start with the CRM as many of those have lead distribution options that may be suitable for your needs.

Otherwise, GSheets could be used as a helper step in the Zap to do the lead distribution assignment before going in to the CRM.


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Thank you everyone!

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Do you want system to learn or just follow a formula?

Do agents take vacation or run out of capacity?


There are a couple of different solutions.