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need to pull Chatbot survey data to Google Sheets tally

  • 17 March 2023
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Hello! I’m super new with creating Zaps. I stumbled upon using a Zap to help me accomplish pulling my survey data from Chatbot into a Google Sheet.

My survey is working but I don’t know if I have the Zap set up correctly. My trigger is New message in Chatbot. Action is Create spreadsheet Row in Google Sheets. I’ve used the attributes in Chatbot to match up with my column headers in my Worksheet. 

When I run a test and fill out the survey, the Google sheet doesn’t contain survey data. I can run a Zap test and the Worksheet puts my field attributes in the cells, it appears my Zap is set up correctly. Do I have the wrong Trigger or Action set? 

What am I doing wrong? 

Thank you. 


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9 replies

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Hey there, @groovywriter! Welcome to the Zapier community - we’re so excited to have you!

Hmm, it can be few different things! Google Sheets can be a bit particular when it comes to setup though. First, I’d recommend checking out this article to make sure your spreadsheet is setup to work with Zapier.

Here’s another one for troubleshooting when a zap won’t trigger that could be useful! 

Finally if none of these do the trick, sometimes sharing screenshots of your trigger and action setup (with any personal details removed) can help the community troubleshoot with ya. 🙂

I hope some of this helps! Keep us posted though. 🤗

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hello, and thank you for the warm welcome! I’ve got some scren grabs to share with the community with hopes this can help solve my problem.

I have a Chatbot with a customer survey at the end and would like the Zap to collect the survey answers and add them to the worksheet. My problem is the worksheet fields are empty when I run through the survey to test it.

The Zapier is at the beginning of my survey flow in Chatbot. I have Published the Chatbot. I have saved and Published the Zap.

Going through the setup, Zap finds my column headers, but I’m not sure I have the fields mapped correctly. (?) I’m also not sure if I have the correct Event set which is ‘create spreadsheet row’. Is this correct? 

Thank you in advance!



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Hey there @groovywriter - 

Hopping over to see if I can help! First, you are using the correct action for the end goal you’ve expressed you’re interested in achieving. So that’s good!

Are you aware if your Zap is running? Let’s double check that. You can do so by hitting this button here 👇 

Ideally, we’d like to see something like this 👇

If you are seeing an error message, screenshot the details and send it over our way! I’m not familiar with ChatBot, but a question I have is, are you taking the survey from a “Live” action, or are you testing it out when it is “Unpublished” or Permissions have not been adjusted for public view. Let me know, interested in hearing back and seeing if we can solve this for you! 

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hi @chanelle! All systems seem to be okay in the History section. I ran through the survey three times just now to make sure. 

I have my Texas Chatbot published and in a live test environment. I see the Zapier (red oval) at the beginning of my Chatbot flow. 


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Hi @groovywriter 

Appreciate the screenshots you sent.

It seems like the Zap successfully triggered and sent the informations to Google Sheets. That said, could you kindly pull up 1 Zap history and take a screenshot of the “Data In” and “Data Out” of each step. (If there’s any personal information, please make sure to blur it.)

This would allow us to check if the information were successfully passed through.

Looking forward to your response! 😊

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Hi @Charie - thank you for your help. 

Here are the screen grabs::


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Hi @groovywriter 

Thanks for the screenshots!

As per checking the screenshots, it looks like there’s no data being passed to Google Sheets. Please see the screenshot below.

That said, could you kindly create another test data from the trigger app? Then test the trigger again so you can map the required fields on the action step properly.

Let me know if you have further questions.

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I started over and recreated from scratch and IT’S WORKING!! I learned so much throughout this struggle. Thank you to everyone who reached out to help. @Charie @chanelle @christina.d 

If anyone has problems with Zap/Chatbot/Google Sheets, I’m happy to help! I feel like I’m an expert now. I believe my problem was I had the Zap in the wrong position in my Chatbot Flow. It needs to be in the Question Block, and follow the Success portion. 


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Hey @groovywriter,

Glad to know you were able to get it sorted!

Thank you for keeping us posted! 😊