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Need to add a Zap to the Zoho Leads Module (or Campaigns?) to include automation in Campaigns

Hi there, 

I have a zap that goes New Form Submission in Ninja forms → Create Module Entry in Zoho CRM with the module being Leads, triggering approval.

There is a specific form on our website with a specific internal code in order to track leads coming in from this form. This zap is working fine, doing what its supposed to: creating a new Lead in CRM with the specific code and awaiting approval. 

However, I need to add another layer and tie the newly created Lead to a Campaign in CRM. So when you go to the newly created Lead, and scroll down to the Campaigns section, it will show the Campaign it is tied to. 

I guess my question is just - how do I do this? 

I tried creating a zap that ‘Create/Update” a module entry - but that didn’t seem to work...

 If anyone can assist it would be so appreciated!!



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Hi @IPSgroup 

Good question.

Try using the Zap action: Zoho CRM - Update Related Module Entry


@Troy Tessalone thank you Troy! This makes total sense. Only other question is the final step that says “Related Entry ID” … would I associate the email from the new record created in CRM? Or, I’m not entirely sure what it’s asking..


Thank you!

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Need to map the internal record IDs from the Modules.

@Troy Tessalone The issue is that I am trying to automate it- so when someone completes the ninja form, and that triggers a new lead created in CRM, I need it to associate the new lead to a specific campaign.

So I wouldn’t have an internal records ID in the system yet bc I am trying to set this up for future leads created 

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When a lead is created via the Zap it returns the Module Record ID.

Help article about how to map dynamic variables between Zap steps using the ‘custom’ option:

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Hey @IPSgroup! I just wanted to check in here and see if you were able to get your Zap up and running or if you still needed some help?🙂

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Hi friends! 🤗 I wanted to swing by and summarize some of these responses Troy provided. 

Try using the Zap action: Zoho CRM - Update Related Module Entry


From there, he recommends dynamically mapping the Module Record ID from the previous step using custom values. Here’s a few resources on how to achieve that.

I hope some of this helps!