Need ideas for automated accounting service for small and medium businesses, can you help?

  • 9 September 2020
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I looked at the suggestions for workflow for accountants but they seem very minimal 


has anyone developed any automation for the following  or other processes 

  1. filling in tax for and submitting to IRS and local governments 
  2. auditing a company financials
  3. auditing  a particular transactions
  4. automating the document filing and data entry for the book keeping 
  5. other workflows you have automated for accountant professionals

can you help please?

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5 replies

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Hi, @Paolon . Thanks for asking this question! We put together a blog article about valuable accounting workflows that goes over things like: 

  • Tracking deals through the sales cycle
  • Sending info from your online payment app to your accounting platform
  • Be notified in Slack for new transactions and invoices
  • Set up bot reminders for recurring tasks

It includes links to Zap templates (guided workflows with some of the selection prepared for you) that you can set up. Let me know if you find something useful in there!


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Janine thank you. 


it does only in part because it looks at the company viewpoint. But I am looking at the accountant firm work flow of which the bookkeeping is only a small part. 
Thus the company that benefits from this is the accounting company , w man small accounting firms with 1-10 accountants serving companies in the 100k-$10m in revenue. 



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the problem with this answer is that it is not the view point of an accounting firm 


if look at automation anywhere they do offer automation for the following functions


do you have anything that automates these functions ?

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Hey @Paolon ,

This would be the kind of thing I think you might be able to get some help with by working with a consultant. Zapier have an awesome Experts program which can help you find someone who would be able to build something like this for/with you, however I think the scope of this may be a little beyond the reach of many in the community, as it’s quite a specific,

I personally have created workflows for Accounting customers in the UK, but US tax is a bit beyond my own skillset. 

Here’s the link to the Experts page - I hope this helps you!