Need Help with integrating Zapier with Wordpress Form, Google Sheets and Email

  • 9 October 2022
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Hi, I'm looking for help for a specific usecase I'm hoping to use Zapier for.

What I'm looking to do is recreate an insurance calculator that my client wants to show on their website. I have the excel spreadsheet available which I'll be uploading on Google Sheets and what I'm thinking of doing is that the website user will enter their information (ex. Name, Date of Birth, Age, Sex, Current income) on a form in the website and then have this information transferred over to the insurance calculator that's uploaded on Google Sheet via Zapier. 

This will then update the calculator with the required information which then will result in the rest of the calculator to get updated according to the pre-built formula inside the calculator. After, this will then trigger an action to copy the form, rename it to the user's name, and emailed to the user's email address via Boost Space.

Can someone please help me with this or kindly confirm if this is even doable with Zapier, a Wordpress Website form, Google Sheets, and Email?


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1 reply

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Hi @jaystacked, welcome to the community! 👋🏼

You can certainly do something like this with Zapier, exactly how it works depends on a few things like how the form is created on Wordpress, what the Google Sheet looks like and how you want to send the form to the user (eg do you want to send them the Google Sheet, a pdf, etc).


Starting with the form, there are lots of WordPress plugins that allow you to create forms, so you can find one that integrates with Zapier. To find out if it does, you can either take a look at the plugin’s information to see if they mention Zapier, or you can search for the name of it on


For the Google Sheet, one thing to know about using Zapier and Google Sheets is that the format of the sheet is important. what does the calculator look like? Do you need to put user information in very specific cells, or is a case of updating a row and a particular column in the row will do the calculation?


In terms of sending the information, if you want to send it as a Google Sheet, you can share a link to the sheet in an email to the user. You could also add the information to a Google Slides presentation and send a pdf of that.


I hope that gets you started!