Need help setting up detailed Google Calendar event using information from FareHarbor booking

  • 1 September 2021
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I am using Zapier to populate my Google Calendar with the bookings I get through Fareharbor for our services.  The problem is when I am trying to set up the detailed event in Google Calendar with Zapier, I can’t find and match up the inputs from our booking form within Zapier’s INSERT DATA function so that everything will correctly populate in Google Calendar.


I think what is actually required here is a simple fix, but Zapier staff say I must pay a pro something like $150 an hour to assist me. So our membership fees don’t include any help, which is rather irritating.


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1 reply

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Hi @Sean Flip 


If you are looking to add booking data from FareHarbor to create a Google Calendar Event, you could look at the following two options:

Trigger: FareHarbor New Booking

Action: Google Calendar Create Detailed Event


Trigger: FareHarbor Updated Booking

Action: Google Calendar Update Event


One option is to use Google Sheets as an intermediary step to record the created Google Calendar Event ID when it is created. Then you can run a search on the sheet for the Event ID in the event the calendar event needs updating based on an updated booking.


If you can provide an example of your FareHarbor payload this might assist in seeing how this can be mapped to Google Event data fields.


Regards, Michael