Need help finding the correct Task Manager App

  • 15 October 2021
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After being frustrated with the lackluster practice management solutions available, I’ve decided to build my own and Zapier has been helpful in its execution. I’m looking for a task management solution that has the features I need so that I don’t have to code myself. And while there are so many apps out there, I haven’t yet found one that has this specific feature and I’m hoping this community can help.


I have 3 different appointment types: A, B and C.

Each one requires a different set of timed activities. So for instance:

The A appointment is made. Task A1 (an introductory email) should initiate right away. Task A2 (contact 3rd party) should happen right away too. Tasks A3 and A4 should happen the day after the appointment date. Task A5 should happen 1 week following the appointment date and so on. 


Creating a separate task for every thing involved is messy. I’d prefer each item be part of a checklist within the greater ‘A’ task. No worries so far. Trello and many others seem to manage this just fine. What I’m missing is the automation behind the due dates. I want to set them once and have them direct my staff for each new appointment. So far, I haven’t found this functionality with any of the apps I’ve looked at. 


So you can you folks lead me in the right direction? I can program for this, but I’d so prefer to integrate with a polished app. 


Many thanks.

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Hi @Dr.Robert 

Check out Pipedrive or Asana, both apps have internal automation capabilities, albeit may required a certain paid plan.






Other Options

Zoho CRM: