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Need help building workflow between Google Form, Prospectin, HubSpot and Google Sheets

  • 28 August 2021
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Hello Experts!

I would like to know if this process could be automate. I am conducting a survey created in GoogleForm which is connected to my Hubspot Contact. (Every time someone complete the survey, its create a contact, name and Email in Hubspot)

I have a list of people who I will send link  to complete the survey, and I want to have a report of:

1. Who sent the message (I’m using 3 different accounts to sent messages)

2. If the message was sent or not (Match with Prospectin)

3. If the person reply or not the survey. (Match with the survey response, which is  a Googlesheet))

4. When the person reply the survey (match with the survey response)

5. Person Email (match with the survey response)

6. If the person reply the survey, sent an automate email saying Thanks (and fill the information for reporting)

7. Identify if there is an opportunity (based on the answer in the survey, if they are not happy with their current HR Software or if they don't have one)


This is a video where I explain it:


I would need that in two or three days.

I think it could be done by Zapier. There are the tools I'm using:

1. Google Form

2. Hubspot

3. Prospectin

4. Googlesheet



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Hey @lujandf, welcome to the Community!

I’m not able to build this for you but thought I’d share my thoughts on the desired workflow here in case it’s helpful to you in getting it set up. :)

There isn’t currently an action to send out an email using the HubSpot integration so you’d want to use one of the apps in the Email category here to handle that part of the automation. Unfortunately, we don’t have an integration with Prospectin but if they have a native integration with HubSpot you could potentially use a HubSpot search action to search for the prospect on HubSpot.

I’ve watched the video you linked to and would think that you could try building a Zap with the following triggers and actions:

  1. New Response in Google Forms - When a survey is completed the Zap would trigger.
  2. Create Spreadsheet Row in Google Sheets - adds the survey information to the Google Sheet spreadsheet.
  3. Find Contact - Search for an existing contact (prospect) in HubSpot. This action also has the ability to create a new contact if an existing one isn’t found.
  4. Send Outbound Email in Email by Zapier - sends an email to the user who completed the survey
  5. Filter by Zapier - only continue Zap if opportunity response in survey states that they don’t have a HR system
  6. Create Deal in HubSpot - Create a new deal in HubSpot to record the opportunity.

I’m not sure whether you’ve worked with search actions or Filter steps before so wanted to also share a couple of guides that you may find useful:

Hope this helps to get you pointed in the right direction!

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Hi @lujandf 

Consider reaching out to a Zapier Expert directly: