My tasks are not updating

  • 24 June 2020
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I can’t for the life of me figure out why I’m having such inconsistency between when I trigger a zap and the time it takes to update. Sometimes I add content to a spreadsheet and it works immediately. Immediately after I can add content and it doesn’t work unless I turn the zap on and then off again.  And right after that I can add content like just moments ago and nothing happens at all. Why won’t this update?  I’m not adding a lot of data and there’s nothing in my task lists.  What’s the problem????  

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1 reply

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@Trane Intelligent Services 

It’s Google Sheets you’re using, right?

There are quite a lot of ‘rules’ to follow otherwise your zap might not work correctly - I’ve detailed them in this blog post of mine: How to stop your Google Sheets zaps breaking


Doing the following things while a Google Sheets zap is switched on might cause errors

- Adding rows anywhere other than to the bottom of your sheet.

- Deleting or moving any existing rows.

- Doing any sort of sorting on the sheet.

- Renaming, rearranging or adding any new columns except for to the right of existing columns.


Does that apply to you?