Multiple Acuity Appointment Times --> One Convertkit Tag

  • 25 March 2021
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I have several Acuity appointment types that are basically the same appointment with different timespans. I want anyone who books one of those appointments to end up with the same tag in ConvertKit.

Is there any way to do this with one conditional Zap (it’s not obvious if there’s an “or” option) or do I really have to set up a zap for each appointment type. That’s super tedious. 



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9 replies

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Hi @JenO 

Try adding a Filter step to your Zap:

Filters can have OR conditions.


Thanks, I didn’t see that “or” option at first. Unfortunately, it’s only giving me access to the fields associated with the appointment type selected in the preceding step (ex: 60min session). It’s not giving me the option to select a different appointment type. 

What I need is an OR statement for the trigger. 

Argh, I’m also seeing that I’m running low on Zaps for my plan. Bummer that I can’t concatenate all of these things. 

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Def doable with a Filter step.

You can filter off the Appointment Type field from the trigger or the Appointment Type ID.



That doesn’t appear to be working. This is what I have ⬇️


But when I select Appointment Type, I’m seeing what I picked in the trigger step. ⬇️

I would think that that is just sample data, but apparently not the case. The Zap is working if I book a 60 min reduced rate session (the appointment type in the trigger), but not the 90 min one.

This doesn’t appear to be a conditional for the trigger itself. It only seems to apply to the data it gets from Acuity once the event has been triggered. 

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You use sample (often recent real) records from the trigger step to help with configuring the Zap steps.

Then when the Zap is turned ON it will use the data sent to the trigger step.

For filter steps you can test the filters against the data provided for the selected sample trigger record.

You can also change the selected sample trigger record:

Best advice: when in doubt, test it out!

You can check the Zap Runs history details to see the DATA IN/OUT for each step in a Zap:

Yes, I did test it out. I turned it on, went to Acuity, and signed my test user up for two appointments and only the one went through. The history shows exactly what I’m describing: 

Choosing Appointment Type from the Filter Action is not telling it to look for another trigger event. It’s trying to run the text comparison on the appointment type selected in the trigger. 


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Can you provide screenshots of the DATA OUT for the 2 triggered Zaps from the Zap Runs history details?

Looking to see the value of the Appointment Type returned from Acuity for each test you did.

Did you use unique email addresses when you tested?

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Just checking in to see if you still need help with this? 

Hi, I’m not sure if @JenO still needs help with this issue but I’m running into something similar and think I see where she (and I) are having trouble. 

The problem I’m facing with using Filter by Zapier is that it only let’s me filter by the same Appointment Type listed in the previous trigger. So for example I have the following appointment types set up in Acuity: 

  1. Appointment Type 7 Night Stay
  2. Appointment Type 6 Night Stay
  3. Appointment Type 5 Night Stay
  4. ……

In total I have 14 appointment types related to the number of nights a client stay with us.

I would prefer not to have to create a new zap for each of those appointment types since all the data in the zap is the same for each. However, when I try to set up the filter, that doesn’t seem like a possible solution. 

So for example, when I create a trigger for the Appointment Type 7 Night Stay and add a filter….


In that filter, I can only select options related to the preceding trigger (Appointment Type 7 Night Stay with ID 17096958). I cannot insert data related to any other appointment type. 



What I would love to do is have this one zap let me insert data from ALL my appointment types.

For instance, I thought maybe it would be possible in the trigger to set multiple appointment types. As shown below, you will see the list of appointment types that are selectable with their corresponding ID #s. 


So as a workaround I thought maybe if I added multiple ID #s and separated them using a comma (which is a typical method for adding multiple selectors), it might work. Like this:



But the program doesn’t allow me to do this.

So that means there is no way to add multiple appointment type triggers to a single zap.

Since it appears a zap can only have one trigger and it’s not possible to add more than one appointment type to a trigger then there is no workaround to the problem that @JenO and myself are having EXCEPT to create a new zap for every appointment type.

Is that correct?

Or is there a way to add two or more different appointment types as a trigger to a single zap?

A simple, native method would be ideal, but I’ve also seen mention in the community of trying to accomplish something similar using webhooks. I haven’t used webhooks with Zapier before so not sure if that’s a possible workaround.

Thank you for any help you ma bye able to provide.