Moving new file in Google Drive according to file name

  • 20 October 2020
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Hello Community,


Currently working on a project in Google Drive and don’t know exactly where to start.


I’ve set up a zap that automatically recreates a google doc with the answers from a Google Form.


The file is the bi-annual performance review for each employee from 15 different locations.


I would like to be able to move new files automatically in the right folder and sub folder.


Each dealership has 4 or 5 departments.


Folder structure is : Dealership → Department.


Files that are generated through the first zap all have the same structure with parts separated with a |


Dealership name|Department|Period of the year (winter 2021 or summer 2021 i.e)|Employee Name.


I’ve read about lookup tables and zapier extract function but am not sure exactly if that the right solution.



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3 replies

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Lookup tables would probably be the best for your use case.

You use a GSheet as a lookup table too: Lookup Row (and pass in the Dealership and Department)

You’d have to create the GSheets lookup table by getting all the folder IDs for the Dealerships and Departments.

Otherwise, try this App: Formatter > Utilities > Lookup Table


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Thanks @Troy Tessalone 


Any idea of what the steps should look like in Zapier?


  1. Google Drive - new file in folder in Google Drive
  2. App : Formater > Utilities > Lookup Table
  3. Move file

Am I missing something, I’m having trouble linking the steps together..





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Hi @MattGPA 

Sorry we missed your reply. Did you manage to get something sorted here?