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"Move file in Dropbox" error - "file/folder not found"

  • 31 March 2022
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Hey there all,


quick question re. the Dropbox “Move File” action: I’m trying to use it in a multi-step zap where:

  1. A file is created in one dropbox folder (which serves as a sort of “inbox”)
  2. Then, a bunch of records are created in an Airtable base (not relevant here)
  3. A new folder gets created (a subfolder within another dropbox folder
  4. (Little delay, just in case)
  5. And once that’s done, the our friendly little file should be pushed into the folder the Zapp just created (to clear the inbox, if you will)

Now, everything in this Zap works fine - except for the “Move File” action, which returns a “File/Folder not found” error. And that’s even though 1) both the file and destination folder exist, and 2) I’m using the “Path” values from Zap step 1 to specify the file via “Custom Value”, and the “Path” value from step 3 to specify the target destination … both of which seem to work because the Zap seems to pull the right data.

I have no clue why this isn’t working; does anyone have an idea?

Are file naming conventions an issue here; do I have to change something within my Dropbox… other user errors I’m making?




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Hi @fmheinrichs 

Good question.

Please post screenshots with how your Zap step is configured along with the encountered error for us to have more context, thanks.

Hey @Troy Tessalone - and thanks for trying to help. Now, don’t hate me but… after 1) emptying all folders, 2) clearing my Airtable database and 3) re-starting the process from scratch WITHOUT changing anything in the Zap… stuff just works? It’s crazy…

Anyways, here’s the flow, just for the record:

Screenshot #1: Zap overview; “Delay” steps are there because… they seem to help? 1 Delay = 3 Mins.


Screenshot #2: Maddening history of madness - stuff didn’t work, and then… it worked?


Screenshot #3: Here’s a view inside the last run which failed. Notice how step 4 (moving the file from the 1st folder into the 2nd folder) fails, saying “File/folder not found” - even though the very next step seems to find the 2nd folder just fine and creates a shareable link for it with no issues?


Aaaanyway… re-setting the whole thing like I described above seems to have resolved the issue.

Thx, best, fmh