More detailed Google Calender to Xero invoice setup.

  • 4 May 2022
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Hi there,


Just checking Zapier will work for me trying to automate Google Calender entries into Xero invoices

I enjoy Google calender, it has just what I need and still simple - but most importantly I’m used to it. I currently have 9 calenders setup for various pieces of machinery. In each entry title I have my client, and a description of the job we’re doing with that machine. These entries change from day to day, and they’re not really confirmed and invoiceable until it is actually after that date.  

I had a play making a Zap and it worked well, but needs some fine tuning.

I tried having an * at the start of an finished job entry to trigger Zapier to invoice, which worked, but then it added the * at the start of the clients name in Xero. I thought what might work well is if I go into the calender entry and change the status to busy and that was the trigger for Zapier, but that option isn’t there. 

Also, sometimes we will do a couple of days at a job, then come back a few days later to finish. This is all part of one invoice though. How do I filter Zapier to not create the extra entries for these?

I also need a clear indicator that these entries have been invoiced. My current method is to put a $ at the start of the entry. Is there a way Zapier can do this after its created the invoice in Xero?


Cheers for help in advance.

I guess i’m probably reaching out for an expert here to set this up for me. 

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Hey Aaron, let’s connect to check feasibility or alternatives to this project. I sent you a PM.  Cheers!