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Moodle User Profile custom fields not available in Zap

  • 28 March 2023
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My Zap links Moodle with Salesforce. I’m using the “New Enrolled Student in a Course in Moodle” trigger and for the most part it works. I can create a new record in Salesforce with the student’s name and email address and the name of the course.

However, I have three mandatory custom fields on the Moodle User profile, and I need these adding to the Salesforce record when the user enrols on a course. Unfortunately, I don’t see them in the list of Moodle fields available to me in the Zap editor. The mandatory fields are used to categorise reports in Salesforce, as they include things like the user’s role, department and specialisation.

My fear is that they are not visible to the Zap because these fields exist in the user profile and are not passed to the course when the user registers? The Zap is only pulling in fields from the course?

Any suggestions would be much appreciated!


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Welcome @sx_admin, thanks for joining the Community here! 👋

I did some checking and it looks like custom fields aren’t currently supported with the New Enrolled Student in a Course trigger. We’ve got a feature request open to allow those fields to be supported so I’ve added your vote for that. 

I don’t have any estimates as to when custom fields will become supported with that Moodle trigger but we’ll send an email notification to you as soon as they are.

In the meantime, are you able to get Moodle to send you email notifications whenever a new student is enrolled?

If so, and if those emails contain the information from those custom user profile fields, then you could use an app like Email Parser as the trigger for the Zap instead. So the Zap would trigger on the email notifications and get the information from those custom fields that way. If that’s a viable option for you here, I’d suggest checking out our Trigger Zaps from new parsed emails guide for details on how to set up that trigger.

I’ve not tested that workaround out myself so if you are able to trigger from email notifications instead please let us know! 🙂

Thanks Sam, for the quick response and the idea! I will investigate and report back