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Monday to Excel - 'Find Row' action returns "unable to find matching row" error

  • 29 October 2021
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Total noob here, hopefully my issue will be easy to solve and it belongs here in this forum.

Trying to sync Monday changes into a MS Excel spreadsheet. The idea is to keep track whether a customer is active or not, by syncing their status on to an Excel spreadsheet. 

So the value  in the Status column from my board here:

would be reflected and synced in the active/existing/inactive column in a spreadsheet here:

I’ve followed the instructions written here: and are trying to get the Find Row action working, however, I’m getting this error upon testing:


A couple of things to note: 

  1. I believe both my Monday account and my MS Excel account are appropriately identified and set. 
  2. I chose the Column Value Changed in Board event for the trigger.
  3. I believe I’ve connected the board in a correct way: 
    1. What I’m not sure about is whether this part is correct: 

      Because this first action is about finding a row, not pushing through the value in the field I want to track later, I would have thought I had to match the client numbers in both and in the Excel spreadsheet. (I’ve tried adding a Lookup Value of just the Client No. and it didn’t work.) I am also a bit baffled that the exact column header name in for this (the hashtag symbol) did not come up among the Column Values offered by Zapier under the Lookup Value.

What am I doing wrong? I can clearly see that the number 193 as a row value is both in Excel and in the respective board. Why is Zapier not able to match them?


Best answer by Troy Tessalone 29 October 2021, 06:05

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Hi @Istvan 

Try this: Change your Client # to column A in the Excel, and reconfig your Zap, then test.


Also, you may want to use this as the Zap trigger: Monday - Specific Column Value Changed

This would only trigger for 1 specific column. (e.g. Status)


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Thank you Troy!

I’ve done both:

The trigger has been set up to match the Status column:

And the Finding a row action has been completed successfully! 


And subsequently, the update was successful as well! Thank you Good Sir, this really helped!