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Mirror column updates to Airtable

  • 10 September 2020
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I need an easier way to push information from to Airtable.  Currently it can be done but setting it up is a bit labor intensive.  My current method is as follows:

  1. Column change in Monday sends a webhook to Zapier
  2. Zapier initiates a path by Zapier action
  3. There is a path setup for each Monday column
    • e.g.  Path A:   Event Column ID | Exactly matches | text9
  4. The path maps to the appropriate Airtable column

This only appears to be necessary for text columns as they all send data in the event_value_value variable (other column types use other variable names e.g. event_value_address I can use to map to the Airtable columns).  The path method works fine, it’s just a fair amount of work to set it up.


I am presuming the paths by zapier if the equivalent of an ‘if’ statement.  What I’m wondering is can I use ‘code by zapier’ or some other method to more quickly deploy this for new Monday board?


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3 replies

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Hi @Rhythm-Interior!

I’m not sure if it would be appropriate for your use case but would one of these options work for you instead of using a Webhook:

Then rather than use Paths you could look into a Lookup Table (part of our Formatter app). See if that helps you out at all :)

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Thanks heaps the response, very much appreciated!  This isn’t quite what I’m after in this particular case, but I do have other situations for which this will be very useful!  In any case I did manage to figure this out in the end, I’m now using webhooks to trigger a POST request that grabs everything I need to pass to the next step.



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@Rhythm-Interior thanks for sharing how you solved this one!