Mirror Google Sheet information to Airtable

  • 16 May 2024
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I need help mirroring data from a Google Sheet to a table in Airtable.


We have a Google Sheet that is getting its data regularly replaced for our offline devices. Is there a way to mirror what we have in Google Sheet to Airtable? We would need the information to add or delete information in Airtable that is no longer showing in the Google Sheet.


Our process that we are aiming for:

  1. Replace spreadsheet in Google Sheets with the new offline devices.
  2. Updates/mirrors information in our Offline Devices table in Airtable
  3. Send offline tickets for devices that have been offline for more than 24 hours that do not already have tickets open to Zendesk

1 reply

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Hi @Gia 

Why not have the data go directly to Airtable?

If you have new rows being added then you can configure Zaps to find/create + update.

If the GSheet data is being overwritten, then that presents more challenges for automating.