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Mention in Jira Issue to Send Channel Message in Slack

  • 9 June 2021
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Hi all,

I've been messing around with Jira and Slack, especially getting the two working together properly. Now, I can't seem to figure out entirely what I want.


What do I want?

Whenever someone mentions me on Jira, I want to receive a message with a link to this issue in a specific channel.


I've seen the option where you can integrate Slack and Jira, and it sends you some sort of a DM whenever someone mentions you, but that doesn't allow me to share those mentions with more people. I want an entire team to see the mention.

Does anyone have any track to tackle this?



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5 replies

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Hi @FreekZapZap 

Are you using Jira Cloud or Jira Server?

Try adding a Filter step to your Zap to detect your mentions:

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Hi @FreekZapZap 

Are you using Jira Cloud or Jira Server?

Jira Cloud!

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Hi @FreekZapZap, did you need further help with this? Was the suggestion to add a Filter to the Jira Zap helpful? Please let us know!

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Just wanted to follow up here as I did some digging and it doesn’t look like the Updated Issue trigger for Jira Software Cloud is able to return the comments so it doesn’t look like using a Filter will allow for the Zap to only run for certain mentions, as it’s not able to see the comment that contains the mention.

We have a feature request open to trigger on new comments in Jira which would make the desired workflow here possible. I’ve added @FreekZapZap’s vote to that feature request so we’ll be in touch by email as soon as that’s added.

In the meantime, it looks like it’s possible to get an email notification when someone mentions you in Jira. So an app like Email Parser could be used to trigger on those email notifications and then the Send Direct Message action for Slack could be used to send a link to the issue.

More details on how to use Email Parser by Zapier can be found here:

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@FreekZapZap I’m following up with an update!

It appears this feature request was addressed with updated version 2.13.0. Let us know if you have any questions!