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  • 28 February 2022
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I understand that Meetup changed their API configuration.

I wanted to know if Zapier will work with a Meetup Pro account and their new API protocol.

I also entered a ticket asking the same.

Thank you.

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7 replies

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Hi @CCC 

Most apps on Zapier are built and maintained by the app developers themselves.

Zapier keeps an internal list of app requests.

There is no publicly listed Zap app for Meetup here:

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Hi there @CCC! Thanks for reaching out.

As Troy mentioned, at the moment there isn’t an official Meetup integration. That said, I've added your vote for a Meetup integration to our internal app wishlist, and we'll be sure to let you know if and when this app is added to Zapier. In case you're curious, here's more on how new services typically get added to Zapier.

If you do have Meetup Pro account you may be able to leverage Meetup's API and Zapier Webhooks to get ya what you need though. Hope this helps!

Has anyone figured this out yet or found someone to help? My Meetup RSVPs (contact information) used to be Zapped into my CRM. That changed on January 31st when Meetup changed their API integration. I do have a Meetup Pro Account. Any information is helpful. I seriously went back in time - now having to add people manually versus via automation.

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Hi @Tammy Urbach 

Looks as though Meetup changed their API structure from HTTP REST to GraphQL:

Thanks Troy - that is what I have read however, I don’t know what either of them mean. I don’t know who I need to find that can help me figure out how to make the Zapier integration work with the new API structure. Tech is SO NOT my thing.

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@Tammy Urbach 

Consider hiring a Zapier Expert for help:

Thank you again Troy - I’ll absolutely look into that. I do that a lot for my IT stuff.  Cheers ~