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Measurements added to Google Analyitics all use the same Client ID

  • 21 December 2020
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Hello guys!

I am having a problem with google analytics and zapier.


Here’s the story:

1 - I use botstar (chat bot) in my website

2 - I use zapier to integrate the botstar with google analytics, for everytime a person converts in the chat (to a person become a lead, they have to select some options during the chat), a goal is accomplished in analytics.

3 - The problem is: I track every lead to see wich medium/campaing they came from, in the USER EXPLORER from google analytics. BUT, for the conversions in the chat (botstar), analytics creats only ONE CLIENT ID, in other words, analytics show to me a unique user ID that have all the conversions that came from botstar.

4 - I wonder if that is possible to: every time a user converts in my chat (botstar), zapier creats a unique client ID in google analytics


Print of how it is today, a single client ID for all the conversions



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Hey @felipe.dalmaso ,

can you share a screenshot of your google analytics action in Zapier? I think this will help to assess the situation and provide some help. :)


i dont know if is that what you mean but here it is


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Hmm. I do not have a solution right now. As I see it, the hit property of the hitParsingResult Event contains the client ID. I would try to understand where this ID comes from now. Do you have any idea? @felipe.dalmaso 

Hi Ennes, im not sute

But the client ID created is the same for every user that uses the botstar chat =/  

It doesnt create a new one for a new user.

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Hey @felipe.dalmaso !

I came across the same issue and the reason is stated in the Help Text for the Custom Client Id field in the Google Analytics app:

This anonymously identifies a particular user, device, or browser instance. Google may ignore repeated identical measurements. The value of this field should be a random UUID (version 4) which you could generate using a Code Step. Defaults to a UUID shared by all Zapier users.


I was in shock when I saw you were generating the same Custom Client Id (cid) as me, but then I remembered this.


Basically you would have to generate the Custom Client Id