Matching Zoom recording with Airtable record

  • 12 November 2021
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I’m need to match a zoom recording with an airtable record. 


The whole workflow is:

  1. training created in airtable
  2. Zapier creates a meeting in zoom and saves the zoom meeting ID to the airtable record

the training is recorded in zoom manually then

  1. the zoom recording triggers Zapier 
  2. zapier searches airtable for the meeting ID
  3. airtable adds the zoom recording link to the airtable record

I’ve been trying to match the zoom recording with the airtable record for hours. It looks like there are two zoom IDs I can get from the recording that’s 

  1. a unique ID per recording that is obviously different from the meeting ID
  2. the meeting ID, which is my static 10-digit zoom meeting number and thus matches all airtable training record

I can’t tag the recording when creating the meeting as it’s not existing yet and I can’t find a field on the recording that is unique to this specific zoom call. 

Any ideas how to work around this? 

I thought maybe by assuming that the recording start time will always be between the training start time and the training end time in airtable, so I used the search formula but it’s not returning any results. As there are no specific error messages I can’t tell if it might be a time zone issue either. 

The formula I used is this:



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2 replies

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Hi @p27 

I just created a zoom meeting through Zapier and it does give a unique ID: 

You can use this ID to search in airtable.

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Hi @p27 

If you’re going to use a search formula in the Airtable Find Record step it needs to be structured a certain way, different than a SQL query, so check out this help article: