Mass update in Zoho does not trigger Zaps

  • 3 February 2022
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There looks to be a bug in Zoho CRM trigger with zapier.

How to recreate:

  1. Set up a zap which triggers on ‘New Module Entry in Zoho CRM’ (I set mine to trigger on deals.)
  2. Do any number of steps you wish in the zap
  3. In the Zoho GUI select Mass update and update the records within the module you wish to trigger
  4. Observe that only a single ‘deal’ (or record within the module) triggers a zap. All other updated records within the module do not trigger a zap run.

Is there a work around for this?

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7 replies

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Hi @SeanWilson 

Not sure whether this is happening for all, however, you should be able to replace your current zoho trigger with “Webhook by Zapier” and setup a webhook POST to the given URL following this doc:

This should work for every single deals/module entries that is updated.

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Hi @robschmidt ,


Thanks for the response. I will have a look into the web hooks and report back. Just to be clear though - the zap DOES trigger but it only triggers on one of the deals when I use the ‘Mass Update’ feature within Zoho CRM

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Hi @SeanWilson 

Be aware of throttling and rate limits for Zaps:


Rate limits and throttling in Zapier

Last updated: July 07, 2021

When a large number of triggers or actions occur within a short time span, they are throttled (limited) to reduce their frequency. This is known as rate limiting and may be applied by Zapier or by your connected third-party app.


If you’re on the Free plan or on a trial, your Zap can error saying it has been throttled if too many actions go through in a short time span. The limit is approximately 200 actions every 10 minutes per Zap. This limit does not apply to paid accounts.


Throttling from third-party services


Many third-party apps and services have their own API limits and throttling mechanisms. To distinguish between third-party errors and Zapier throttling errors, look for "Zapier" in the error message.


Flood protection and held items


If you have a large number of items (100+) that trigger a Zap at once, Zapier holds them for you and sends you an email requesting your confirmation. This helps to prevent a large number of actions from running by mistake and protects your task limit.

Once you confirm these should be played, you can use the Replay feature to let them continue. These replayed Zap runs are processed at a rate of 1 per second. For example, 1,000 Zap runs will take a little over 15 minutes to complete.

If you don't want these Zap runs to go through, you can delete them.


Instant triggers are not subject to flood protection, as each item is sent to the trigger individually. Some exceptions include Google Sheets and Google Calendar "New Event" and "Updated Event" instant triggers, which use both webhook and polling techniques.


Webhook throttling

  • Each user’s webhooks are subject to a 429 status code rate limit after 10,000 requests in a 5-minute window. This includes subscription webhooks and REST Hooks.
  • Each individual webhook will return a 429 status code after 30 requests per second, to encourage a smooth delivery of hooks instead of massive bursts. This includes subscription webhooks and REST Hooks.
  • Legacy webhook routes without the user ID in the URL will return a 429 status code after 1,000 requests received in a 5-minute window (per webhook route). This includes subscription webhooks and REST Hooks.
  • During heavy periods of sustained webhook activity, Zapier may return a 200 status but still delay the processing of your webhooks by several minutes.
  • If you want to ensure delivery of webhooks, retry delivery on anything besides a 200 status code from Zapier and use an industry-standard exponential backoff interval for retries.

Code throttling

  • Code Steps are limited to 75 runs every 10 seconds.
  • The Free plan can run scripts of up to 1 second and 128 MB of RAM. Paid plans can run scripts of up to 10 seconds and 256 MB of RAM. Your Zap will error if it exceeds these limits.

Private app throttling


When using a private app, you may encounter an error like Unpromoted apps can only do 100 calls every 60 seconds. This is due to a built-in limit for preventing spam for private apps. Once the app has gone public, this limit on script executions is lifted.

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Just an update: @robschmidt was correct and his method works.

The only issue is that Zoho CRM has a webhook sending per day limit. Therefore this still is an issue and requires the initial problem of Zapier’s trigger to be fixed

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You can open a ticket with Zapier Support to inquire further to see if they have any guidance:


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Would Transfer by Zapier solve your problem?

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@Troy Tessalone I opened a ticket with the Zapier support team. Waiting for them to get back to me. I also actually went to Transfer by Zapier as my first port of call but it is extremely limited in functionality at the moment unfortunately.

I am looking into integromat however which is interesting. The other option is of course to go through each end every record, update it to trigger the zap and let it do its thing. That would take half an hour of work though but to be fair I have already spent three hours on this problem!