Mapping two Gravity Forms fields to a single Google Sheets cell

  • 15 June 2021
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We  have  a  gravity  form the  has  two address field sections , one  for  domestic and one for international address.  They  are  hidden  and  displayed  conditionally based on a  check box.  We like  to map  them to  the  same  set of  cells in a  gsheet.


So for  example  city (domestic) and  city (international)  in gravity  forms  both  map to  city in gsheets


So  far  been unable  to  get this  to  work. It appears  that the  domestic addres fields  get mapped, but the international ones  do not.  If we  remove  the  conditional  logic from the  gravity forms  so we  can fill in data  for  both  address sections, we  get only  the international address data-  Not both sets as we would  expect.


Should  this  be  possible?  Before  we  spend any more time  testing  this.  If  so  any likely  gotchas?





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1 reply

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Hi @Eric Magers 

Try mapping both data output fields to the desired GSheet column.

You may have to change the trigger data to get the data points to come thru for each: domestic and intl

Help article about changing the trigger data:

End result is you should have 2 data points from GF mapped to 1 GSheets column.

Make sure to test after you’ve been able to map both fields.