Mapping 2 zaps on different ID

  • 15 July 2020
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Hi there, 


I created two zaps to automate between Clickup and Toggl creation of tasks.

the first Zap creates a project on Toggl thanks to the one (list) created on Clickup

The second zap creates a task on this project in Toggl when a new task is created on Clickup


My concern is that the project is the issue as it has 2 different IDs between both apps. So when I create a 123456 project on Clickup it creates a 654321 on Toggl. This occures an error when the second zap is performed as it doesn’t find the project on Clickup. 


How would you perform this action ? I saw there is the “Filter” from Zapier but not sure it fits to this case ?

Thanks a lot for any help :pray:

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3 replies

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Hi @scmilblick , I’m not sure I understand what you are trying to achieve here. Correct me if I’m wrong but from my understanding the first zap should trigger the second zap when a project is created on clickup? 


For these kinds of zaps I would normally create a multi-step zap which would allow me to select the appropriate IDs for the next steps. 


Let me know if I’ve missed anything here. (Or perhaps add screenshots.)

Hi Seun,

Thanks for your quick answer

Yes, in fact after writing this post I investigated on the multi task and found the “Find a project on Toggl” as middle step. My concern is that I’m stuck on a free plan on Zapier and can’t perform this only one zap I would like to activate … :/

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Hi @scmilblick , There isn’t a workaround for the free plan that comes to mind if I’m honest. It’s one of the limitations of the free plan. Sorry I can’t be much help here!