Manually mapping fields from Google Sheets

  • 13 January 2021
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Hi there,

I took over a Zapier account from my predecessor when I started at a new company a couple of months ago, and the only Zap that he set up is now failing, as the Google Sheets columns don’t all map to the correct places.

Currently, many of the variables used within the Description field that used to pull through correctly from respective cells in the Google sheet now show as “no data” (please see screenshot attached)

Is there any way I can manually map the data to the correct variables, so that they will populate the Trello card?

Apologies if I’ve missed anything off — please give me a nudge if that is the case

Thanks in advance,

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3 replies


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You’ll need to pull a new sample record from the GSheets trigger step to use to map the data points to this action step.


Check these help articles about Zap basics...

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Hey there @Paulo_dev - Hope you were able to get this solved. As Troy suggested, if you click “Test Trigger” you’ll get sample data that populate the data, which should then help steer you towards knowing if your mapping works, but I would also consider ensuring that you are logging into the correct account - If your employee left, they may have inadvertently severed the link between Zapier and Google sheets - So a re-authentication might be in order. 


Let us know how you got on, or if there’s anything else you need help with.