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Managing Zaps in Wordpress

  • 21 April 2020
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We currently have many zaps associated with different product purchases (using WooCommerce). The problem we have is that each one of the zaps is triggered for every new order so in the order details you see a huge list of zaps in the history.

What is the best strategy for having the zaps only trigger and show up in the history if it is related for the specific product(s) in the order?


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3 replies

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Hi @Toko-pa ,

Thanks for reaching out!

To make sure I understand correctly, are you seeing the list of Zaps in your Task History within Zapier or within Wordpress?

If you are able to share a screenshot of your configuration (without any sensitive information like order details/names/etc included) that will help us dig a bit deeper!

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It is within Wordpress, see the history on the right side of the screenshot. Only one of the zaps is valid for this particular order but all of them were sent and show in the history. 


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Hi @Toko-pa,

If you have a lot of WooCommerce Zaps that trigger on new orders in WooCommerce and you’re using something like filters in each one, to determine when to allow the order to go through, might I suggest a different approach?

Depending which app you’re sending the information to, you can look into using a Lookup Table (it’s in our Formatter app) and you look at the incoming value (maybe a product ID) and then based on that you output another ID (like for an email marketing list). 

More info on using Lookup Tables:

It’s a bit of work to set up at first, but having everything in a single Zap will reduce the number of different places you have to check and also how many items in Task History.