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Mailchimp new subscriber in segment clarification

  • 10 September 2020
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I’d like some clarification on the Mailchimp event, New Subscriber in Segment or Tag. The notes for this event say “Triggers when a subscriber is added to a segment or tag within an audience. Should this trigger when an existing contact is added to the segment or has the tag added? I’d like the Zap to run each time a tag is added to contacts in an audience.

For example, add the tag, Zap runs. Remove the tag. 2 weeks later, add the tag, Zap runs.

Thanks in advance.



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4 replies

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In the Mailchimp Trigger step you, specify the Segment or Tag you want to trigger the Zap.

TIP: When in doubt, test it out!

Use a sample Subscriber, and add them to a Tag, remove them from the Tag, add them back to the Tag to check that the Zap is triggering as expected.


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Troy, that’s what I’ve been doing but it doesn’t do anything. Is it supposed to work the way your describe or, as the name of the event states, is if for “New Subscriber”?  That was kinda’ the point of the question. To clarify how it works.

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From testing, it appears to only trigger the 1ST time the Subscriber is added to the segment/tag.


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Thanks @Troy Tessalone ! 

@ShaneH - thanks for reaching out! I see you have been chatting with Fran in Support on this and want to share her response below in an effort to help other folks who may have a similar question. Please let us know if you need any additional assistance!

To answer your question, unfortunately, my answer is "it depends" (the worst. I know) some apps do simply push through any new subscriber within that segment, but some use something called a dedupe list - so if someone is deleted and then returned, it would recognize it and not send it through to us.

Unfortunately, this the only way to test this is to take someone that has already gone through your Zap to remove them from the segment in MailChimp and then put them back... you can then check your task history here ( to see if your Zap runs it through again.