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Mailchimp campaign links not found

  • 28 July 2021
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I’m trying to set up a zap that adds a row in a Google sheet every time someone clicks a certain link in my Mailchimp campaign.


I have chosen the audience, selected the correct campaign, double checked the links in the campaign, etc. But when I hit the dropdown in Zapier to choose the link I want to trigger, it says there are no options available. It’s as if I have no links in my campaign. 


Any ideas?


Best answer by SamB 29 July 2021, 17:32

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7 replies

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Hi @notestorach 

You may need to check your Mailchimp Campaign settings to ensure link tracking is ON.

Try clicking this button at the bottom of the setup screen for that Zap step.


Hi! Thanks so much for responding. I should have mentioned I am not exactly a Zapier or Mailchimp novice - I have tried both these things. It still says there are no options available. It’s not pulling anything.

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Hi @notestorach 

May be best to open a ticket with Zapier Support here:

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Welcome to the Community, @notestorach! :)

Is the link you’re wanting to select from published campaign? If my memory serves right, the Mailchimp integration is only be able to load links from published campaigns. So I reckon that could be the cause of the issue here.

If it’s not a published campaign can you try publishing it to see if you’re then able to load the relevant links? Hopefully that’ll do the trick!

Thanks so much! So you mean I have to send it before I can set up the Zap?

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Ah, yes that’s likely the case @notestorach.

You may want to test my theory out using a different campaign for testing purposes first. Then if you’re happy that the Zap works as you’d like, you can switch the Zap back over to use the correct Mailchimp campaign and publish/send out the campaign. Then it should be possible to select the desired link in the Zap. :)

@SamB That worked! Thank you SO much for your help!!