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Mail to Airtable - problems with attachments

  • 24 March 2021
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I am trying to send an email to airtable to create a new record. This works well except it does not properly do the attachments. I have tried this with both Gmail (upon label) and using the Zapier mail function where you forward an email to Zapier. 

In both cases, it creates the following kind of attachment rather than actually attaching the files I need. 






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8 replies

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Hi @MaryGoing 

If using Gmail, try this trigger: New Attachment


Perhaps you can provide screenshots of how your Zap steps are configured, thanks.

I appreciate this suggestion. However, the emails that I want to use for new Airtable records do not always have attachments. AND, I receive lots of emails with attachments that I don’t want creating Airtable records. 


This is the overview:


This is how the action is setup:


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Are you trying to save a soft copy of the entire email OR attachments from emails?

My goal:

I am using AirTable as a task tracker. As I am going through my daily emails, some of them are tasks , so I want them to be a new record in my Task database. If there is an attachment on the email, I want that attachment to end up in Airtable in that same record.

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Something to be aware of...

I have multiple files on my email but the Zap is giving me a Zip file combining all the files.

If you're using one of the new email-type Gmail triggers and find that all of the attachments on those emails are being zipped use the Gmail "New Attachment" trigger instead.
This trigger runs once for every attachment on an email.

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Hey @MaryGoing,

I just wanted to check in on this thread, I hope you’re well!

Was the suggestion provided by Troy able to help out?

When working with Gmail, if we receive multiple attachments in an email they will be zipped up. If you need the individual files, using the New Attachment trigger would allow those files to trigger the zap individually.

The New Attachment trigger has the ability to filter attachments based on the email label and/or a search string. The email information itself is also included with the attachment data.

Thank you for the follow-up, but none of these answers solved my problem. However, I let it go. When I get to the task that needs to be done, I just go back to my email and find the attachment. It’s fine.