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Magento 1 to QBO Invalid Line TaxCode in the request

  • 26 March 2021
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I am trying to create a zap to Connect  Magento and QBO to create an Sales Receipt when I get a new order.  I keep getting this error about the tax code “Invalid Line TaxCode in the request“ no matter what I choose. See screenshot for all my available tax



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4 replies

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Hi @scott.william

Check out this related topic:


Hi @scott.william

Check out this related topic:


Hi Troy,
thanks but I already saw that thread, it doesn’t provide an answer and their support didn’t contact me yet

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The latest response from a Zapier Staff indicates this may be a bug or that the functionality is not currently supported.

FYI: Most Zap app integrations are created/maintained by the app developer, rather than Zapier, altho unsure who manages the QBO integration.

You can open a ticket with Zapier Support here if you need additional help on your issue:

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Hey @scott.william, it looks like you reached out to our support team about this, and my colleague Kenyon replied to you. Just wanted to paste their response here for anyone else experiencing the same issue:


The tax code error we're seeing seems to be coming from the '0' we have in the 'Total Tax' field:

We've selected "TAX" as the code, but then we say the tax amount is zero. That doesn't make much sense to me as I'd think we would use "NON" as the tax code if no tax should be supplied. QuickBooks sees this as invalid so we'll need to make sure those values align. I'm not sure what it should be since tax is so nuanced, but you may want to have a closer look.