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Loop issue in a Path

  • 20 May 2021
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I have a Zap with a Path, with Path A and Path B.

When this zap is triggered, it seems to create a kind of loop and it consumes me hundreds of credits. 

I don’t get why.

I tried to duplicate this Zap, remove the path, and only put the “path A” into the main Zap, for example.

And in this case, the Zap doesn’t loop when it’s triggered.

Do I have something to do to avoid a loop ? 

The content of my Path A and B doesn’t ask to loop anything, it just trigger an external API, for a platform.

The only thing I may think is the way the path is triggered, which can create somehow a loop ?

On path A, basically I have : Continue only if ID exists (Zapier is checking in the previous step if the profile is already a member of a Discourse forum)

If so, I call the Discours’s API to just add a group to the profile basically.

On path B : Continue only if ID Doesn’t exist. (If Zapier doesn’t find anything, the Discourse API will send an invite.)

That’s it.

Is it possible that somehow, both paths are triggered a loop ?

Thanks for your help ! 


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3 replies

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Hi @Sebastien,

One potential solution would be to add a filter step to the beginning automation that will only let specific triggers through. This will not count as a run and will save you tasks; however, this is more of a band-aid than a prescription.

Without looking specifically at the Zap it is more difficult to diagnose. Make sure both paths have unique filters and that the steps within each path wont trigger the automation. Make sure the zap is triggering on what you want and that the API is not sending all events vs specific events.

These are a few things I would check to see if anything sticks.

Hope this helps.


Happy Zapping! 🤓

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Another thing that might help is looking over your Zap History to get more insight as to what might be going on.

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Hi @GetUWired @XRay Tech Thanks for your replies and sorry for the late reply.

Actually, the issue was on a field on a step, which was took from a “previous step”. And I missed that this field was not up do date anymore. (I had something like “no data” in the name of the field. 

So basically, I just removed the field, and added it again, and it fixed my issue ! :)


Thanks for your ideas !