Looking for a "New Broadcast Trigger" for ConvertKit

  • 8 April 2022
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With Mailchimp, there is a “New Campaign” event in Zapier :


A want the the same thing for ConvertKit, but can’t find any “campaign” event with Zapier Integration of Convertkit… :/


Anyone have a solution?

Is it complicated to create this event if it is not available? Because I really need this event...


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5 replies

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Hi @ThierryB 

Good question.

Per the ConvertKit API, these are the only available Webhooks (aka Zap triggers).

The ConvertKit Zap app is based on the ConvertKit API:

I don’t see a webhook available related to “Campaign”.

I also do see other APIs related to “Campaigns”, but perhaps it does by a different name internally perhaps “Broadcasts”.



Hello @Troy Tessalone, thanks for your response. Indeed, Campaigns in Convertkit are named “Broadcasts”.

Surprisingly, I just saw this on the convertkit homepage:


They would just add the Broadcast (Campaign) API.

What do you think?

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Ideally, CK would release a webhook event for Broadcast Created, but that doesn't appear to be available.

You can try using the CK API for this endpoint as the Zap trigger:

The Zap trigger app would be: Webhook - Retrieve Poll


Hey @Troy Tessalone, thanks but I’m a beginner… I didn't quite understand how the "webhook" zap could help me.

To be clear, my goal is to get an event that triggers every time a campaign (broadcast) is sent.

Could this be possible?

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From what I can tell there is no CK Webhook event or CK API for Broadcasts that would indicate each time one is sent.