Look up gmail body text and add to google sheet row and columns

Hi Guys,


I am looking to look up the body of an email sent to a gmail account and have that sent to google sheets in the correct columns, for example to email body is:

First Name:

Last Name:


and assign these three particulars to columns A,B and C.

Can anyone help?


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Hi @kylieb 

I am not sure i fully understand your request. You can trigger Zapier from gmail a few different ways… 

Zapier has Gmail integrations which can be found here: . Triggering a zap this way would required a series of formatters or code to extract contents of the email. 

You can also set up auto forwarding from your gmail account to a zapier parser. 
Email parser by Zapier: 
Gmail Autoforwarding: 

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Hey there, @kylieb! Thanks for swinging by. Were you able to get this sorted with some of the resources @GetUWired provided?

If you’re still needing some assistance, sometimes it helps others understand desired workflows if they’re framed like: "When this happens in [blank] app, do that in [blank] app."

Keep us posted! Looking forward to digging into this with you.

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Hi @kylieb!


Did you look into the Email Parser by Zapier? That can pull text from the body of an email and turn it into fields you can use in the rest of your Zap, which sounds like what you’re trying to do. What do you think?

No it hasn’t worked because now the emails I forward from an outlook email on auto forward to my zapier email the body doesn’t come through and can’t figure out why.