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Look for ANY updates in any sheet within a Google Sheet

  • 29 July 2021
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I have a Google Sheet that is frequently updated with new sheets (tabs). I’d like to be able to pull those updated rows (no matter WHICH sheet they’re in) and copying them over to the master sheet (tab) within the same Google Sheet. Is that possible? 


What this looks like: 

  • Sheet B is created with a new row → Sheet A (master) is then updated with the new row from Sheet B
  • Sheet C is added later and the same process as above should work the same with updating Sheet A

What I don’t want to do is to have to keep going into Zapier to add the names of the new sheets into the Zap. I can’t use Google Sheets import function for the same reason—that’d mean I would have to consistently go into each new sheet to add the import function. 



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Hey @ReadingItLater,

It looks as though you’ve also reached out to our Support team and they’ve added a feature request for the ability to return worksheet rows as line items with the New Worksheet Google Sheets trigger. This would allow you to automatically send the information from each new worksheet over to the master sheet.

I don’t have an ETA on this but we’ll be sure to contact you by email as soon as that feature is added. We’ll also post an update in the thread here as well! :)

Hello, SamB! Thank you so much for the update. 

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Google App Script (the scripting language for Google Sheets) could be a good match for this.


It has triggers of its own, `onEdit()` being one of them.


Does require a bit of coding experience though.

Thank you, @Gavin Wiener ! I got something that is working now. 

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Thank you, @Gavin Wiener ! I got something that is working now. 


Good to hear!


Which approach did you take?