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Look at the same place and repeat a step until this value change

  • 22 March 2021
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Approval by Zapier will be discontinued on February 28, 2023. If you’re using Approval by Zapier, you can still create approval steps in your Zaps using Zapier Tables and Zapier Interfaces. Request access to both apps through our Early Access Program.

Hi everyone!


I’m a teacher of a course and I offer mentoring to my students.
I would like to automate the scheduling process (it will be at Calendly).


Today students complete a submission form.

But, I would like to take the time to review each submission before authorizing the automation to continue.


This automation can have three scenarios:

  • ✅ = Approved
  • 🚫 = Refused
  • Waiting = I didn't have time to review


I would like to create a zap that:

  • Look daily, from time to time, for a value in a specific field in a Sheets
  • If this value remains the same (eg: Waiting), repeat until this value changes to "Approved" or "Declined"

How could I create this automation? Please help me.

I don’t now how to look in a specific place to watch if the value has changed and keep looping until the value changes.


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Hi @lbrezende 

Check out the Approval app:


Consider using this trigger: GSheets - New/Updated Row

Then follow that with a Filter step to make sure the desired column value has changed (aka is NOT “Waiting”).


You may also want to consider using Airtable instead of GSheets:

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Sems to me like you'll need to build 2 zaps. 


1st zap to fill up a Gsheet or airtable where it will show you that someone had answered the form and another column where it has the status (Waiting, rejected or accepted) 


The 2nd zap can be a trigger when a new row is updated (status is changed from rejected or accepted). 

Make sure that the second step after the trigger is a filter step. If it's Waiting, don't proceed. You only need this because whenever the 1st zap runs and a new row gets added it'll be set to waiting, and this will trigger your 2nd zap. 


Then in your 2nd zap you can add paths that will handle Rejected forms (maybe send them an email?) and Approved forms. 


Let me know if you get stuck anywhere else. 

@Jhealyn Samson — you really saved the day!

Thank you SO much! I’ve already tested and will be going to follow this path.


@Troy Tessalone — I loved your answer too, but I’m still don’t totally understood the Approval app. Have you some examples to illustrate?

May I use this alternative in the future to improve the automation if I see that could work better :)

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Hi @lbrezende!

We have a series of articles here called Workflow Wednesday and my colleague thought your use case would make a great one, so I wrote Manually approve form submissions with Approval by Zapier.

It may not be 100% what you would want to do (there’s no “waiting” status built into this, for example) but it should give you a good idea of how Approval by Zapier could work as a “person in the loop” step in your Zap :)