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logging when a zap triggers to a google sheet

  • 27 November 2020
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Trying to initiate a ZAP log to google sheet ...when another zap I created fires.

Example.  I have many different zaps set to take facebook leads and email them to specific agents.  


NOW, I want to create a zap, that takes every zap that is triggered to email an agent and log that into a google sheet as to WHO it went to.  So I don’t have to do this manually.

Would I use webhook, I am confused on how to create a zap from a zap being triggered.


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You could just add another GSheet Add Row step to each of your Zaps.


You can use a Webhoook to trigger another Zap.

The Zap you want to trigger will provide the webhook from the trigger step, which you can put in the Webhook action step of the originating Zap.

You’ll have to pass the data on the webhook URL that you want to use in the other Zap.


your right, I could just do the extra step on each, we have over 40 now, but that would be fine, yes I  will do that versus waiting.

I was trying to figure out the webhook option thinking that would be a ONE zap option.  BUT I think it may still end up requiring multiple zaps so I think I will add to each step.


Thank you, sometimes we are trying to hard  and the answer is “hey just add an additional step” lol thank you.