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Locked out of account

  • 11 May 2022
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Has anyone gotten locked out of their business account?


My co-worker emailed zapier asking for our business account to be associated with a different email address than it had been. Instead, zapier created a brand new account for the email with which she asked the account to be assocaited, and now she can’t access the business account from the old email it was associated with, for whatever reason. She can’t inquire on my behalf as the owner of the former email since she made the request that her email no longer be associated with the account. Ah!


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Hi @ohmyworditsjustausernamewhat. Oof! Sounds like a bit of a tangle. And in order to untangle this, we’ll need to get you back into Zapier support since we’ll need e-mail addresses, names, and all that fun. We don’t really want you putting all that out on the internet for privacy reasons.

I’m going to let my support peers know you’re headed back that way and will give them a heads up on what’s happening so you don’t have to repeat yourself. Will your support ticket be associated with the e-mail address associated with this community account (hint: or something else?

To kick off a ticket, head on over to

it sure will be- yes. Thank you

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Hey @ohmyworditsjustausernamewhat just wanted to circle back here! It looks like Paulo from our support team replied to you several days ago and said:

Can you explain for me a bit what is happening? Do you want to join a teams account? Or just change the email address linked to an account under lz@... to kk@... ?
For security reasons, we're unable to change the email address associated with a Zapier account. These changes can only be carried out by the account owner themselves. 
You can do this by following the instructions on this page: 
You can also update the first and last names for the account holder by editing the relevant fields here: 

We haven’t heard back from you since sending that reply so I’m assuming you were able to get this sorted! If not, following up on that email thread will be the best way to continue to get your questions answered around this topic. 🙂

I was sent a link instructing me as to how to add teammates to an account, which still doesn’t help since the employee lz isn’t here and I dont even know if that address is connected with zapier at all. Info@ is the account email, which is unfortunate since its only for forwarding mail and I cannot, therefore, complete the request from zapier that I send an email to you from that account confirming that kk@ (me) can indeed utilize the zapier account. Initially, zapier only wanted cc info like payment dates along with the account holder’s name. I provided the last four of the cc, last payment date and amount, and the account holder name. Despite all of this, I have not been able to remedy this request, which my coworker made on my behalf before she left well over a month ago. Now, zapier is essentially saying since I can’t email from info@ that I need to create a new account entirely and put a stop to the one we paid for and already have zaps on. Help! I do not want to create new zaps and I am way behind on these automated emails to the point that it will soon be much too late to send some of them.