Link value from row of database/spreasheet row to Docusign template field

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Does anyone know how I can use a lookup feature from excel or google sheets to take the next available value in column A row 1?

To be specific have a set list of preassigned account numbers that are listed in column A and just have the zap select the next row down each time it triggers to reference to my docusign template field? 

I want to eliminate the manual entry if possible.


If Excel or Google sheet is not a viable solution for this, can anyone recommend anything?

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Hi @Luke B 

Try this, in Column B add a static value of “Available”, then use a GSheets Lookup Row step in your Zap to search for “Available”, which will find the first matching row, then follow that with a GSheets Update Row step in the Zap to replace the “Available” value with an “Assigned” value.

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@Luke B 
Just checking in to see if you still need help with this?