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Limit which Queues for new Ticket Notification

  • 29 December 2021
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Hello, I have the New Ticket Trigger working with AutoTask however I would like to limit which Queues this  fires for.  For example I would like to have it fire for the Helpdesk queue and not one of the 10 other queues. 


Seeing how you can’t pick the Queue during the trigger setup my guess is that I will need to limit the permissions for my API user to be able to access that 1 queue. 


I also another trigger working when a new note is added to a ticket, and the same rule apply, just want it firing for that one queue 


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6 replies

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Hi @apbirch67 

Try adding a Filter step to the Zap:

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Thanks for the thought, however the field that I would need to filter on is not there

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Is there an ID of the Queue to use to in the Filter?
Perhaps you can post screenshots with the data points returned from the trigger step.

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Ok, filtering on Queue ID.  Now the question is, do you still get billed if the Trigger fires but does not continue? 

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Only incoming data that meets a filter's rules count as tasks. If incoming data that triggers a Zap doesn't pass the filter, it does not count as a task, and will not count against your monthly task limit.


I hope this answers your question :)

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Super thanks, yes that does help :)