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Keeping Trello Cards Updated as Google Shhets Data Changes

  • 23 May 2020
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I have a google sheet where I import data from Salesforce including “account name”  and then the zap creates a Trello card for each row with Account Name being the card title. That works fine. I am wondering if there is a way to have the cards refresh each time the Google sheet gets updated. Meaning if there is an account that gets removed the Trello Card would then get removed. SO in effect keeping the trello cards in sync with the data in the google sheet.


Any idea?


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Hi @bwalker,

How are you importing your Data from Salesforce?

And is there a manual process for the removing of an account?


You can either

  1. make a second tab called archive that you move “Deleted” accounts to that then triggers your sequence.
  2. Or, you need a separate database in something like airtable with your active accounts and then a code step to compare the outputs of the two and take action on the items missing.

Option two has some complicated logic but could in theory be 100% automated.  Option 1 will be very stable and the logic in Zapier would be straightforward. 

Hi Rich

I am using the Google Sheets Salesforce Connector to pull data into a Google Sheet using a pre-defined SalesForce Report. I attached an example of the report so you can see the data. Every week I refresh the Google Sheet data via the same Salesforce Report via the SalesForce Connector. So the rows may stay the same, get updated, deleted, added to, etc. 

My goal would be to create cards in Trello for updated, added, or deleted rows.  This would allow me to keep the Trello cards up to date automatically without me having to manually add or delete.


Does that make sense?

One other thing. I don’t see an option in Zapier to delete a Trello card if the data is deleted from the sheet. I see a New or Updated Spreadsheet Row Event, but when I use that event type I expected the card to be deleted if I deleted a row in the Google Sheet but it never did. 

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@bwalker thanks for the additional info.

The delete action in Zapier is called “Archive Card”.


To sync the sheet output to Trello you will need to write a Google Code Script to do the comparison for you after your update from Salesforce. The script could then trigger webhooks in Zapier for each of the Trello actions needed. (Add, Update, Delete)


If you are comfortable with javascript you can write the code yourself.  If you want some help feel free to PM me.  Should only be a couple hours of work to get the script up and running.


Hope that info helps!