Keeping Airtable up-to-date

  • 28 July 2021
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This seems like it would be a simple task, but I can’t logic how to make it work.

We use Google Forms for  a program sign-up. That goes to Sheets, and we have a zap that takes the info from Sheets and creates a record in AirTable.  Works great.

But now I want our participants to be able to update some of their info. It seems like this could be done via an AirTable form.  But - we don’t want it to create a new record - as we have lots of notes fields now attached to their original record.  

Do we create a Zap back to Sheets? It appears AirTable doesn’t have this functionality (to update a record) within their own platform, and they suggest a multi-step Zap. But that info doesn’t translate to what I’m trying to do.

Is there a simple solution to this??

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5 replies

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I had a detailed explanation ready to go, including screenshots and instructions, but there was an issue submitting it and I lost it all. So instead I’ve created a share link to the demo base I created. 

And here’s the automation I created in Airtable (you can do the same thing in Zapier but for simplicity’s sake I used the built-in automations):

It’s not a terribly elegant solution but it would work. You would have to send the person their record ID when the record is created in Airtable (you could create a Zap to send that out). 

NOTE: If you need them to overwrite the notes then you can do away with the Notes table and instead, just update the record itself with the new note. That will replace what’s currently there.

Hope that helps!

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Hi @TTeens 

Check out miniExtensions for updating Airtable records:

Also, On2Air:

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Yes, and what @Troy Tessalone said. MiniExtensions is honestly the best option, in my opinion, if you’re willing to pay for an external tool. They offer ways to do what you’re looking for and soooo much more :) 

Thanks @nicksimard and @Troy Tessalone for the info. We’ll give the automation a try. We’re a group of high schoolers with a very limited budget :disappointed_relieved:  so working with low-cost/free tools right now!  



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Hey @TTeens!

I totally get it. I try to stick with free and low-cost as much as I can too :) In some cases it will either require upgrading some apps or coming up with creative workarounds (I’ve done both hehe). Not sure how tech-savvy you are but there’s a great deal on AppSumo for this app: They offer a portal function and can pull in records from Airtable. It would at least just be a one-time payment and then you’d have access to the tool.